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Vape How to quit smoking

Trying to quit smoking? Vape how to quit smoking. There are many variations on how to quit. We recommend a few sources to improve your health. Here we will list a few options to consider. We gauge our list based on price point, how effective the method is, and how available the method is. This list is not complete but a good start in your journey of health living free from the habit.

The Patch or Gum Method – NRT

The gum depends on how heavy a smoker someone is. The more they smoke the more alternative product they will need. There are also the anti-depressant needs. That means some form of medication on top of the nicotine replacement therapy. This method is also known as using NRT, Nicotine replacement treatment. This is a little more involved than a simple approach. However, it does work and is a viable option. A scientific literature review looked at more than 150 different tests on this method with over 50,000 people. Thus their conclusions are solid. You can quit using the gum.

The Medicine Method

There is a hand full of prescription drugs that can help. Especially if used with an NRT. Drugs like Bupropion, Varenicline, and Chantix. What we do know about drugs is there can be serious side effects. This method is less affective and certainly if you are not using any NRT methods in conjunction. Thus the side effects and effectiveness may lead you to assume there are better methods. We would agree. However, this is a method that can work for some people.

The Vape Method

This is a new phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. It has been very successful at getting people to quit smoking. When vaping take a look at these online vape store retailers. They have the best vape products out of any online vape shop. Check out their deals on vape mods, vape coils, vape tanks, and more. Wisemec, Kangertech, and Joyetech we carry all the major brands. When it comes to e-liquid they have over 115 product lines. Here you have variety and reasonable prices. Shop them today and buy with confidence as they offer 60 day money back guarantee on everything they sell. Additionally, their site carries $100,000 identity theft protection. This is perhaps the best method we have seen so far. There are a lot of misconceptions in the media due to the tobacco industry spending lots of dollars to discredit the vaping industry. All projections show that tobacco is in decline with vaping is a major reason for that decline. It is no surprise that big tobacco is using their money and political influence to try and stop the vaping community from causing their demise.

In conclusion, we highly recommend each one of those as a method to quitting. There is no one approach. Rather there are many and you have to choose what is right for you. Many of our staff members chose Vaping as their way out of paying $6 a pack for something that would eventually kill them. You pick your method but by all means pick a method and quit today. Say yes to health living and longer living.

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